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Eric Kam

1IntegrityWhistleblowing RaymontIn striving to maintain ones integrity one is trying to integrate the various aspects of ones life beliefs values roles into one coherent whole The attempt to maintain personal integrity is an attempt to remain true to oneself true to ones deepest beliefs and commitmentsIntegrity involves making a commitment to uphold certain values The commitment amounts to a promise to uphold and respect those values not just now but also in the future There is an aspect of integrity that we may dub wholeness The idea here is that ones life is compartmentalized where this means that one has a variety of roles eg in the family among ones friends in ones workplace and is guided by different standards of conduct in those diverse roles It is natural to behave differently in these different roles but there should at least be a consistency or coherence in the ways that one behaves in these different contexts Wholeness is lost if there is a contradiction or conflict between how one behaves in the different roles Someone who displays such a contradiction is a hypocritehow he acts does not cohere with what he professes to believeIn addition to personal integrity we may speak of professional integrity A profession has its own values and commitments These are typically expressed in a professional ethical code and each member of the profession promises to uphold these principles upon entering the profession This introduces the possibility for conflict what if the values to which one is personally committed personal integrity c
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