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Lecture 1

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Wednesday June 20 , 2012 CPHL 551 – Metaphysics Lecture 1 -why is there something instead of nothing? -general  ultra specific  General means world   means (a)tom which is the smallest individual particular of atom  Ultra specific means physical nature, there are 12 atoms which are also called god particles -what is there is?  There is everything -humans suffer from something called “hubris” which is a pride in Greek  We are not looking at gods particle but we are looking at gods eye’s -metaphysics is related to epistemology  Epistemology is the theory of knowledge, it investigates the nature, scope, and conditions of human beings -do we need experience to know things?  No because you can use other thinks/materials to learn from -Aristotle was the only philosopher people had copied off  He was the only person everybody studied  This was a problem because what if we were studying the wrong thing?  People would then go to Aristotle to ask him what is right and wrong but then again it didn’t get anywhere, this all converted into a loop - Aristotle wrote a book called “Physics”  He didn’t invent meta physics but his book title made it
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