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Lecture 2

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Monday June 25 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 2 -what does “real” mean?  You also have the idea of “ultimate reality”  It is a goal/end that you are trying to get to something  If there is no ultimate reality then metaphysics is a study without a subject -reality is usually at the bottom which makes up the world -what makes up the world:  Matter, energy, physical/natural laws, logic, consciousness, perception  Matter and energy are both the same -in the history of philosophy, a philosopher believes if you cannot observe it then it does not exists  In that case, it is not “real” it is “reality” -the way you see the world is real, but it is not necessarily reality -reality is opposed to appearance -back in time (B.C) the gods were real and reality  God is real to us and too our thoughts as well -“eyes and reality”  By looking at something such as desk  But we also know when we meditate, we can bring our self to a certain state  When you meditate the things you see are usually not physical objects -“corroboration” means putting things together -“synthetic thought” means putting things together that come from different thoughts which is also called dreaming -something can look smooth but yet feel prickly when you touch it -“logic” means there is a capacity which human beings have that allows them to give information they have  Invistages the nature of valid reasoning and attempts to lay down rules that guarantee validly of reasoning -“axiom” is a Greek word which means “worthy of study”  It is something you cannot prove but without it  Axiom of geometry is a “point”  A point is a location, a line is defined as an infinite series, without a point the geometry falls apart -if you define the un-definable, if you prove the un-provable then that thing does not exist -“system” is when you put things in a system in order to understand them  If you don’t put the words in the right language, you lose the meaning of it  Words get their meanings from other words  There is no way without using another word to define a word such as “Mart” “bit” “the” “dog”  Each of the individual components are “real” but when they come together they are “reality” -when we talk about reality, many of us use objects but the problem is none of those objects have no meaning without using words “Ultimate reality” is not the appearance; it is the separation between the two ---------------------------------|------------------------------------------- Past
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