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Lecture 3

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Wednesday June 27 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 3 -any given whole/object consists of parts -knowledge of the sum of the parts to be = to knowledge of the whole  This is all reductive thinking (reduce to the parts) -everything in the world is made up of different particles -rarefaction you can move solid objects through -attraction is when you have a solid, it is attracted  Each one of us has a family (which is a whole) and a family is made up of individuals (which are parts) -reductive comes to Holism -all of the tables of this room have desk/chairs and they tables/chairs are meant to have students but sometimes there are not as many students which means it is absent  We require absence in order to explain to us that is was there or was meant to be there -ontology is the study of being  There are so many things that live and so many that don’t  In this case we study the purpose of being -there is no time/moment where you are “plenum” which is being you, thinking about you changes you! -every moment in time is a snap shot  “synchronic” and “diachronic” -time is different and it causes many problems  You cannot decide the smallest bit of time because it is not a minute or a second or even less than a second  Time flows no matter what  Everything is changing which is why you cannot measure it -“Heraclitus” (philosopher) believed fire is the fundamental principle  He said you can see fire but you cannot grab it  Everything is changing every moment (the pressure of fire that was present 1 second ago is not the same the next second)  Strife or tension or struggle  He calls gods Polemos (war) -differential relation  I don’t know it because of what is it but I know it because it’s not that thing -when we talk about ontology we would normally say oxygen only exists but it is only labelled just the way you are labelled by your name READ THE PR
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