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Lecture 4

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

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Wednesday July 4 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 4 -humanism: man is the measure of what there is that it is and of what there is not, that it is not -divine reason (logos): absolute explanation -human perspective (opinion): doxa experience -hoesis (ancient Greek word) becomes numeral phenomena  Phenomena means things, it is reality from any given perspective -if gods do exist, they are not subject to the laws of nature but humans are subject to the laws of nature -Plado is always speaking “all egorically”  There are different allegorically in term of Epistemology  They are: allegorically of:  Of the cave  Of the line  Of the sun -Plado says existing in “shadows”  What you look like to me is reflected from light and wave length, what you look like is not you it is just your reflection  Example: looking in the mirror -you can know things that you do not know  Example: Trigonometry; all you need to know is that it has 3 lines and that it intersects, that is all you need to know in order to understand trigonometry -knowledge from experience “a posterior” -knowledge after experience “a priori”  It is very difficult to explain without experience -numbers (#’s) are representations of words  Example: one plus one equals two 1 + 1 = 2 -Plado says all of the books, things, cars etc that we characterize have something in common/similar  we characterize things which makes it more understandable for us -idea is what allows us to know  it is a metaphysically reality which comes from aprori -our soul is not material it is a metaphysical thing  as our soul enters our body it loses its memory -truth(a)(leth)eia  the truth is uncovered  for Plado our soul is your animated principle which moves you, when you don’t have one you
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