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Lecture 5

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Ryerson University
PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Monday July 9 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 5 -explanation of the theory of forms  What is a form? (ideal) essence of x  Essence of whatever you are talking about  Sensible world = is imitations of the essences  Knowing = reflections general in nature vs. specific definition  specific definition, we only count on the things we know as specific than general  specificity is a description of generality  any characterises shared by a group of objects implies that the characteristics is prior any of the individual objects -Ancient Greek’s were always interested in specific than general, they believed specific was knowledge -why does knowledge always point to specific?  Idea of wisdom vs. Intelligence  intelligence is knowledge, you would be considered intelligent if you can write a computer program for people, you would not be considered intelligent if you “understood life”  The world of philosophy means love of wisdom -category = large  a,b,c are large  all of them equal largeness -self predication is something that describes another  Example: apple is red, red is the predication but it means in philosophy that it contains something that contains something can keep going on and gets very confusing  Self predication is about meaning  It is hard to define the word “meaning” o Meaning means same meaning -according to Plado, nothing has any meaning and without meaning it does not exist  This explains it does not exists  It is impossible to describe what being i
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