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Lecture 8

Lecture 8

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Wednesday July 18 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 8 -idea of substance (matter), there are 2 kinds of things in the world  Physical objects (actual, example desks)  Concepts; speculations  objects  Potential actual  Potential exists for that thing to actually exist -“capacity for reason” -he says a builder doesn’t have to be building a building in order to be a builder  Builder is a builder because of his trade -Aristotle says you don’t have to be good at that thing to be that “thing”; everything that is alive will once be dead -combined separable therefore perishable -Singular – inseparable therefore imperishable -the theory of forms both does not and cannot explain change -objects have its actuality as a function of the form that partakes of plenum-complete -he says knowledge is of 2 kinds: 1. Demonstrable (actual) 2. Speculative (potential) -he says the universe that has everything as a whole is a “complete reality = the totality of actual thing at any giv
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