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Lecture 10

Lecture 10

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PHL 551
Thomas Hart

Wednesday July 25 , 2012 CPHL551 – Metaphysics Lecture 10 -determination -freewill -mystical -the city of God (perfection eternal) man (perishable) -fortune telling -Example: when you are born, people don’t come up to you to say congrats in fact they run to the astrologer to know what the position of the stars, planet was at the moment when you were born -Cicero was opposed to the idea of “fate” because he was a (novus homo) which means a “new man” -he believed that if there is fate that has already determined our life already then why should we even think about doing anything if our story if already written and whatever if going to happen will happen -free will and for knowledge don’t go together because if you know free will then you don’t need to know knowledge -St. Augustine -we have a passion, we are only satisfied if we have more than the person next to us -“to doubt the world (physical) no things exists of necessity mind (thought) must exist and if thinking is happening some being must be thinking which therefore exists” -period of scientific discovery (17
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