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PHL 553
John Caruana

PHL 553 L1+tutorial 1/14/13 Analytic tradition- practiced by english speaking world – problem solving philosophy logic,breaking down in logical steps and categories of language continental philosophy-big questions ex: why am i here?- Europe linked with post-existentionalism phenomenology- study on how we experience the world heidagger- levinas- found fatal flaw on what it says about other human beings you vs the “other” derrida- gift of given time of the king- what a gift is? How it can be transformative kristeva-issue he grapples is claims we are living through a very nialistic period recurrant theme patients come with the idea they don't see a purpose in life how did this happen? where did things go wrong? Black sun theodore dostoevsky traumatized she tries to tie pieces nialism- melencholia tree of life-terrence malik What is Philosophy? • philosophy the love of wisdom and truth • Search for a truthful understanding of our reality + who we are • philosophical inquiry occasionally conflicts w/: ◦ dominant ways of seeing things (soc norms) ◦ common sense perceptions/attitudes • philosopher is someone who ◦ does not shy away from the feeling of being puzzled ◦ Husseral was jewish until he converted to christianity • founder of modern phenomenology • was dismissed from teaching when he was found out to be jewish • phenomenology-description of the essential features of our everyday lived xps ◦ the way we xp the world around us • EH's PHLical inquiries quickly brought him into the open opposition w/the dominant scientific attitude of his time (positivism) + w/common sense view of reality ◦ identifies a # of philosophical positions that he rejects: ▪ objectivism PHL 553 L1+tutorial ◦ the world is already given to us as fixed
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