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Lecture 2

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Ryerson University
PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

The cave (Socrates) – image, there are prisoners sitting in the cave, they are chained up, only look one way. On the wall of the cave they see shadows, then they go see outside through education which is what true philosophers do. The people claim to predict what happens next and pride themselves on knowing what they represent. But they have never looked behind them or out of the cave, and didn’t know what exists outside of it. - Most of us are prisoners in a cave - Mass hypnosis - The reality is that it was all a reflection of the sun making shadows of other people, and creating images on the caves - Image of reality is a trace of reality, trace of fundamental truth - Someone has to drag you out of cave and show you - It’s painful to learn new things, (the fire is bright & blinds them when they turn around) - Educati
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