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Lecture 6

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Ryerson University
PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Freud 1. The accepted definition of sexual instinct / drive (trieb) 2. Why it is not acceptable / rational / right a. Homosexuality / inversion b. Perversion c. Neuroses 3. How to understand sexual drive Ultimately the answer in why we get sick in various ways, because of our sexual drive. What is the sexual drive? 1) Biological, programmed reproduction, sexual (aim) is population (reproduction) a. Sexual object: opposite sex i.  Freud says this is not always the case, what is written above, we need to understand how the deviations are Homosexuality – Freud says they are degenerate, they are biologically sick but it seems like they are not, because they have no viruses, he says look at Ancient Greeks and it was perfectly ok to be oriented towards same sex - Hermaphroditism – sex organs of both sexes, however Freud said we are all hermaphrodites to some extent, we all have vestiges of other organs in our bodies - Freud says we all begin with the desire to want to have sex with the opposite sex, this bisexual need, and it eventually gets restrained from one or the other (straight or bi or gay) - Footnote pg 11  (1915) , psychoanalytic research said they were different, however, he studied other characteristics and psychoanalysis found that all human beings can make a homosexual choice. Choice of a person independent of sex male or female, as found in childhood, is the original basis from which as a result of restriction that we develop Perversion – sexual interest i
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