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Lecture 7

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

 Sexual (+human) development is a function of sexual drives + mental dams  Need to study child sexuality  Drive, erotogenic zone, auto-erotism  Children are polymorphous perverse  Character as shaped by sexual development Freud says you have sexual drives that go one way and then mental dams that have repressive forces (disgust, shame, aesthetic moral values, pity) Reaction Formation – you have a drive, but there is something internal to you that producers a disgust or shame (not a function of social convention) it is a function of your own body’s sense of where it is going. Pg 27 of Freud book  talks about perversion (having sex with dead bodies) etc.  He says we need to study child behaviour, lets go back and see how our sex drives develop. Infantile Amnesia – from 0 to 5 years old there is lots of things to suggest kids are sexual, and around. And from 2 to 5 they are quite sophisticated little people, good memories, strong views (very developed psyche)  almost all of this is forgotten, we only remember flashes **only around 7 to 8 years old** that you start to remember events, who you are as a person  He says this is due to having a period of sexual efflorescence  And then you have a latency period from 7 – 8 (when sexual drives & feelings ) start to get repressed through disgust, shame, and a sense of what you ought to do  Then you go through puberty they find a new expression and it shapes them Drive - between the mental and the physical, it has meaningful feeling to it.  It is a demand for work (pg. 34) third line  Continuously flowing stimulation, and it is not like an external stimulus, but your sex drive is constantly there flowing, but finding different outlets and comes from inside and comes from within your being.  Sets up a kind of tension in your body that calls for something to be done such that it leads to satisfaction (the desire to remove that tension) Erotogenic Zones – parts of your body that have tension and need to be pleased  A sexually charged part of your body, calls for stimulation that results in satisfaction  As you age, different parts of your body activate Auto-erotism – drive from any erotogenic zone is directed not towards others but towards your own body.  you will find satisfaction in your own body rather than in others Mouth (oral stage) – you experience pleasure from answering to biological need to eat (as an infant)  Once you have that pleasure, you h
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