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Lecture 9

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Freud Sex as rooted in biology but transcends it - Bodily disposition – shaped by our social experiences an it shapes our ‘sexual aim’ - Erotogenic zones – bodily desires shaped by experience - Oedipal complex – child+mom+dad (love circle)  we are dependent on others to learn - through identification of his father sees mother as a sexual object, then dad feels rivalry and enforces limitations or prohibitions on the child (dos and don’ts) - we all start as a bisexual and involves a active (masculine) and a passive (feminine) Bataille  What our passions reveal  Discontinuity + continuity  Eroticism is o Emotional eroticism o Physical eroticism o Religious eroticism Alphonso Lingis (experience raw emotions) – room with shark tank, beehive while in washroom, all mirrors, made people have sex while at dinner. - Breaking down of private space - Excitement, awe, enjoyment of breaking down of boundaries - Other side is a sense of disgust, violence, disorientation, confusion - It is something about human existence revealed in this double orientation towards basic sexuality - There is a taboo/prohibition against sex (should be happening in private not in public) - Why do we do it? What does it reveal about us that we do it? Or what does it reveal about us when we experience someone else doing it? - Why is our reaction to sex the same as our reaction to death?
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