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Lecture 10

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Ryerson University
PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Bataille 1. Eroticism 2. Work/reason vs. Violence/animality 3. Taboos require transgressions 4. Human eroticism vs. Animal sex 1. Eroticism – assent to life up to the point of death - Annihilates us but not to the point of death - It is like a flirtation with death, Bataille says, pg 19, “it is seeking as much continuity as our discontinuity can sustain” - We don’t want be sacrificed, we want something else to be to witness creation 2. Unreason, animality, passions – a realm of violence, animals eat other animals, they just deny the discontinuity of the bunny that the fox is chasing etc. New reality is one of violence a. He talks about the extravagance of life (pg 59-60) b. How life works is a constant cycle of life and death, by extravagance he means something like (spending, excess) pure giving or overflow (like the Sun – gives energy, doesn’t need to take anything in, it is just constantly giving) c. Animals are more complex, they store energy, develop and eat things into things that can move around and catch other things but then they too die, and all that energy they used to build themselves up gets extended into the world d. Life is a constant giving of energy, release of energy e.  all of this is FUNDAMENTAL REALITY (continuity) f. We find it both exciting and repulsive (like our experience of finding a dead body) – we also feel a kind of excitement because it is a part of our reality i. HORROR: Leads us to say no to points A-E (pg61-62) “in general mans attitude is one of refusal” ii. We try to preserve our own lives, creating shelters (clothes), tools & technology to make it easier to grow food when we want to so we don’t have to rely on just finding it, created means of storage for food that we pic
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