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Ryerson University
PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

PHL 606 Lecture 1 Plato's Republic "The Cave" Allegory - Plato was a student of Socrates Personal Summary: - Prisoners do not truly understand their existence and/or anything apart from what is inside the cave - The prisoners hear echoes of talk coming from the shadows walking by the cave but never physically see what the shadows are - If the prisoner were to face this movement they would be frightened because it is a new existence - If the prisoner was taken out and faced sunlight and moon and shadows caused by daylight, if he were to be brought back into the cave, no other prisoner would believe him because the other prisoners only know the shadows as reality - Ideas and knowledge are connected Lecture Summary: - An image of education - The shadows come from a fire in the cave, from other people who are carrying puppets who then reflect their shadows on the cave - Education is leaving the cave and experiencing reality for yourself -
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