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Lecture 12

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Essay – figure out what is idea that interests you Sartre on the self’s relation to others 1) Traditional View 2) Sartre’s view a. The other as object b. The other as subject 3) What then must love be? Cartesian view: - A face that within the consciousness that holds you within the mind, you produce a sensation of something else outside of me that is like you - I don’t actually encounter the other, you only encounter my representation of the other - My senses translate it into consciousness - We are solipsism – we can never get beyond our own consciousness. Things are only represented by my own notion / consciousness. I am fundamentally stuck and can’t get beyond it. - The experience of the other is a representation of a physical object (the body) - Then you make an inference that b/c that body is like my body there must be a consciousness in there like mine within them (but we have no access to it, it is closed in their body) Sartre Response: - We actually encounter others in person, we have a direct experience of them not just a inference - We actually SEE / EXPERIENCE their consciousness - He turns to 2 experiences we have: (1) we just see one and we don’t interfere, (2) is we see the other and they see us (the look) - The other as object: o You are sitting on a bench in park, with pond & swan and we are enjoying nature, th
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