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Lecture 13

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

- Talk about viewing yourself through new technology and your own consciousness - -------------------------------------------------------------- - Sartre - The other as a subject - What then is love? - Loving as seducing - The (3) triple failure of love Being stared at - Self-conscious  curious as to what they think of me? - They’re judging me - You want to know their interest of me - Invasion of my own experience (confrontational) - Act of dominance - Seeing someone look at another through a keyhole - You become aware of yourself as an object/seen as by the other - Do they see you as pathetic? Someone as should be punished by this? Do they want join you and look through the keyhole? - You’re aware of yourself as a consciousness that has transcended yourself through other - You have a sense that the other’s gaze is in touch with my reality where that reality escapes me - When we give a presentation in class... was it clear? Interesting? We look for others to give perspective that we don’t have access to. - To be human is to never have a hold on yourself, you are always looking at other people for feedback - Pg 351, “it is given to me as a burden (my being, my reality that the other has access to) that is given to me as a burden which I carry without ever being able to turn back and know it” Other people have access to it, but we don’t and its a burden. - We want the other’s sense of us to match with our sense of us, and its something that is really difficult to do. (leads to: LOVE) What then is in falling in love with another? - To be human is to be fundamentally insecure, there are others that become secure - They become this way bc they have regular experiences of people around them regularly validating them in their lives - We either become psychologically insecure or psychologically secure - What you want in life is to find someone who is going to see you as “mattering”, as “valid” as “important in the world”, you are a “center of meaning”, a “perspective that matters” - What you seek is another perspective that justifies you, gives you a sense of security - You seek to assimilate the other’s perspective to your own - You seek to possess another’s consciousness, but not as enslaved or coerced, rather as a freedom! - You want to be the whole world to the other, “you mean everything to me”, you are the center of my world... you give meani
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