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Lecture 14

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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

**ARE we ever truly and completely happy? Seems like a cycle** **Sartre says there is no truly satisfying neutral middle ground** You just keep moving back and forth between two extremes  He says you have a consciousness of the other’s gaze not just your own that you are bleeding out of.  Doesn’t have to be two eyes looking at you to be felt, (examples: if you’re a soldier in enemy territory and you’re crawling through a forest, the house can look up at you on the hill) you walk around with that sense of vulnerability **Is there a way Sartre offers a solution to this?** You can agree or disagree but go deeper into the issue Sartre 1) Recall 1 attitude towards others (love, masochism) 2) 2 attitude towards others a. Indifference b. Sexual desire c. Sadism 1) Fundamental existential insecurity – my reality (for others) escapes me when you see someone else peeking through a hole in a door. It’s like your reality hemorrhaging. a. You want to captivate that person, so you make yourself seductive so you are a
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