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Lecture 17

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Ryerson University
PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

BOOK about genetics & women : Lewontin, Biology as Ideology Simone de Beauvoir - Woman in Love/ Feminine Love o An idolatrous love o A love in bad faith o A love that cause conflict + suffering  Sovereign subject – idol (god-like), by being an object-for-self and being essential  for the masculine person  A love from feminine person sets up the god-like love for a masculine person  A feminine person is like an agent that helps masculine reach goals  Pg 684, “women overcomes being an essential than a man actor by radically assuming situation as a second”  Society has set it up that women are second (the support for persons)  Example of first lady & president winning election  She matters because he won the recognition (award), she wants to be like his right hand not a subject of her own independence (supportive nature)  Pg 694, “it is not true that beloved man is unconditionally necessary.....// end of paragraph”  what results is a kind of suffering on pg.691 to 692, woman feeling important to devote herself to him, but abandoning herself she ends up not asserting herself as an independent self  The woman is like martyrdom  can become so extreme if man doesn’t do it back to her that it becomes self-loathing. She feels like she is not good enough.  Pg 695, if she sets the man up like a God, she cant really be a friend to him. Can’t share her vulnerabilities to him  When you’re a frien
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