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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

1. Children are polymorphously perverse (many forms of perversion) a. Development of erotogenic zones (places in your body that become sexually charged) + sexual drives Mouth as EZ,(oral stage) as a newborn baby, you are born with this reflex to suck. And this brings us nourishment and pleasure. That experience of getting pleasure through your mouth becomes a need to repeat that pleasure. 1 experience of pleasure, biologically determined. Gives rise to a further drive. A felt tension that calls for work that leads to satisfaction. Once you have that pleasure once, you seek it out again. For infants, that breast is not always there when they’re feeling that tension. So they will suck on their soother, thumbs, toes, that is not bringing in nourishment but is bringing this pleasure. Whenever the child is feeling upset, hungry, lonely, it will turn to its mouth to bring it pleasure. The pleasure is originally begins as a biological to bring nourishment. But eventually becomes detached from the biological function, and becomes simply and aim of sexual pleasure and satisfaction. A person who is really oral, may be someone who has a tendency who wants to merge with other people. Anus, around 2 years, potty training. (anal stage) becomes a charged place, and keeping in discharge in order to increase the pleasure. The focus has become the pleasure of letting out, rather than discharging waste. There’s a whole realm of meaning that comes with this. Freud says that this becomes a gift that you can give your parents. (being a good girl and potty training)And a meaning of independent control, cleanliness (anal retentive). We all go through these stages, but some of us get fixated on some of these stages. There’s a generalized meaning = incorporation (mouth = indulgent) (anal= someone who’s interested in control) Really becomes a mastery of controlling people and controlling the giving of what they want. (pooing on the po
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