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PHL 606
Kym Mac Laren

Sartre on sexual desire 1. The basic claim by sartre is an emodied aonsciousness aiming at an embodied consciousness. a. What sexual desire is like (it is unlike hunger) Both of these are a state of your body-deprived of nutrients, or because your body is sexual. The desire to eat, you feel that desire and you move out into the world in search of food. You actually transcend your body and oriented towards the world and to all the places with the possibility of eating. Your desire to eat throws you beyond your body out into the world to look for food possiblilites. When you feel sexually driven, it pulls you into your body and you are caught up in the visceral exxcitements that come with sexual excitement, y ou can feel your body changing. Instead of you moving beyond your body as you usually do to think about things in the world, you really get oriented to what is happening within your body. It’s not like your body is an object for your consciousness. Your consciousness is there in the blood rush and the excitement, your consciousness that comes along with hunger has a detachment from your body, and your consciousness can think clearly and orient itself toward possibilities towards eating in the world. The center of your mind is where can I find something to eat, there is a distance towards your hunger than what’s happening in your body when it’s full of sexual desire. Your body is not an object for consciousness, its more like consciousness becomes incarnated and lives in your body, and more full lives in your breast, penis, vag. Whats this like for your consciousness to live in your body? What it’s like for your consciousness to be caught up in your body, he says that consciousness is troubled (in the same way water is troubled) that its not clear. You can’t clearly see through it towards the world anymore. You are caught in your own body, but not where you’ve been turned into an object. You’re still a consciousness, just a consciousness that’s been clogged up by the experience that have been happening. (there’s this fast food place, but that’s gross, I can’t afford this restaurant) there is no confusion or lack of clarity in hunger. In desire your consciousness is clogged/cloudy and descending into your body is like losing that clarity about the world. Someone who is in the throws of sexual desire is someone who no longer has the tools of language in their hands. They might have trouble even articulating a word. Normally what your consciousness is is moving out towards the world and relate to possibilities that relate to your projects (getting a degree), and what I’m going to be caught up with in the world is the possibilities and imparatives/conscerns to get my paper in/go to work, etc. Those are the things that your conscoiuness is normally oriented towards. What happens in sexual desire, is those conscerns, and that transcendence beyond your body for these concerns shrink back into your body, but those concerns go away and you don’t even notice them/ they have fallen away, Your consciousness does not turn around to look at you, but rather a retraction. This transcendence is the discontinuous “I”, and trying to work on those possibilities and concerns, but what happens when your consciousness retracts, you no longer become an “I” but what he calls “flesh”. You lose that discontinuity and rationality of the “I” and become this sensuous and excited flesh. Complication: when you become flesh, he says this is a revelation to me of my body. My in sexual desire I start to notice/feel my body (not as an object, not by detaching and looking at my body ie. Looking in the mirror) by feeling my body from the inside. You get to feel your body al
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