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Lecture 5

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PHL 710
James Cunningham

Lecture 5 Caligari - The guy is a mental patient, we do not know the man is a patient. None of the story is true, so we are left in a sense, but that is only the first evidence it is not reliable. The tale of insanity locates francis as a insane man. There are clues that they are not what they seem, such as psycadelic design,we are not sure what it means. We cannot square the appearance of the coverup, but we assume francis is a lier, as Caesar is alive. Caesar looked very timid and was holding a flower. He was the anthesis of wat appears in Francis’s story. Jane thinks she is the queen. Francis’s story seems misplaced -Clip in francis’s story (DIRECTOR is indeed mad) Direcotors attack on his fellow doctor, and francis’s attack on director is similar because they are both subdued and taken to same room. They both also have to wear a stray jacket. In both cases a crowd of orderly subdues both with extreme force. In both cases the response is institutional violence. It can be justified, but still violence. Director puts his hand on francis’s head after he is subdued. It suggests that the institution is treating Francis in exactly the same way that it is treating its patients in the story. Not quite. The difference is that. In the story the motions were much more
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