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Lecture 7

lecture 7

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PHL 214
James Cunningham

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Lecture 7 (Wednesday October 20th, 2010) Chapter 6 continues
Begging the question – raises the question
Tends to support the conclusion with the conclusion
In Hamlet Polonius says “He’s mad, I tell you. Mad. Mad. Mad”, this is begging
the question
Raises the question hides the repetition by changing the words
Example on pg 164
C. Impossible for all to be well known
Not everyone can be famous
Hides the repletion by assuming the conclusion in the argument
Unstated 1.1.1. God exists
1.1. Koran is the word of God
1. It says god exists in Koran
C. We should believe god exists
Hide the repetition in a refutation of a counter consideration
1. Bible says in Genesis that world created in six days
2. Ussher shows that the Bible also gives 6000 as age
CC. Carbon dating and other methods show world to be older
3.1. Impossible for anything to be older than 6000 years
3. Carbon dating is faulty
C. World created in six days, six thousand years ago
Example on pg 171
6. Premise is “We have the right to do whatever it takes to maximize
profits for shareholders”
C. The union must accept our choices: either layoffs or outsourcing
Chapter 7
Premises (wrong)
Relevance (nothing to do with the conclusion)
Pg 200 1,2,3,4 and chapter 3 (half)
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