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PHL 333 Lecture Notes - Metaphysics

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PHL 333
Elizabeth Trott

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- recall, interpret, break down components (identify)
- "what is" - metaphysical question
- mickey mouse is a set of ideas
- transfiguration -> changing of something to another by decisions
- we change the law when the world around you changes
- metaphysic, logic, ethics, epistomology -> philosophy
- opinions reflect the person
- ideas are not personal posessions
- we become who we are because of cumulative ideas
- we interpret lines as squares because we have a mathematical knowledge of what
a square looks like
-> square is a concept/idea
- frame of reference
01/18/11 (Plato)
- frame of reference determines what you think exists
- book 4 -> convo between socrates and his student
- everyone is a distributor between their appearance and reality
- we tend to believe what we see is what it is when we first step into the world
- children accept authority without asking questions
- we move from one level of understanding to another; we develop concepts
- mathematical objects, concepts are more real than material world
- material world changes (aging)
- love, truth, knowledge, justice
- justice is some balance of what we are able to do and the rules provided for u
s to do these things
- good city state -> laws, certain ideas of freedom, a vision
- justice in the city -> all components are working in harmony (Plato + Socrates
- soul -> appetities, will (overcoming of our initial reaction), reason/rational
- greatest virtue is self-discipline (the ability to say no)
- our nature is locked into our soul
01/19/11 (Plato)
- education is turning what you know to what you don't know
- most people live in a "cave" (what you see in that wall of the cave is what yo
u see it is)
- whoever shouts the loudest will get their way in the cave
- once you step out, you will get blinded by the light (new knowledge)
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