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Lecture 6

PHL 606 Lecture 6: PHL Module 6 - The Nature of Love and The Structure of Love

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PHL 606
Christopher Thomson

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PHL Module 6 - The Structure of Love - Soble, A., The Nature of Love - Singer, I. The Structure of Love Explaining the occurrence of love is not the same as explication the concept. The conditions for love are not the same as love itself Irving Singer Soble sees 2 views of love: Eros-style love o Eros style loves are not merely contingently based on the merits of the object, loves being property based is part of the concept of erosic love o Agapic love is part of love not being property based The very idea of agape is the idea of a love that is not grounded in the attractiveness of its object; claiming that appraisal is necessary for human personal love is not to reconcile the two traditiosn Singers view rules out the eros tradition o All love includes a necessary condition the bestowal of value in the love of persons, people bestow value upon one another over and beyond their objective value loving another as a person means bestowing value upon his personality even if it is not virtuous love is a way of overcoming negative appraisals o singer analyzes personal love not as purely agapic, but as a reconciliation of eros and agape personal love involves both a response to perceived value and a bestowal of value that occurs independently of perceived value o the first interpretation: that appraisal finding valuable properties in the object is essential for personal love, a necessary condition for humans to bestow value o bestowal does not require antecedent positive appraisal but makes it psychologically easier o bestowals are spontaneous nothing can elicit them no aspects of the beloved created the love, just the nature to love created it o even though human beings do not have this capacity, nevertheless it is logically possible for love to bestow itself on an object that has no other worth o his account of love amount to the thesis that all love involves the bestowal of value o in personal love, x bestows value on y, the cause of xs love for y normally being xs positive appraisal of y; and xs positive appraisal of y depends on xs antecedent bestowal of value on xs desires that are satisfiable by these positively appraised properties in y the bestowal value occurs at 2 places in love: x bestows value on y and x bestows value on xs desires a property based bestowal of value is superior to an ungrounded bestowal of value argue that xs bestowal of value on y is not the ungrounded bestowal of love and at argue that at the deepest level x bestows value of ys properties, not on xs desires
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