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CPHL606 Module 1 & 2 P a g e | 1
Philosophical tradition began in ancient Greece  6th century BCE  group of thinkers =
“Philosophia” = ancient Greek word = means “lover of wisdom”
Socrates = ancient philosopher = ethics and what constitutes good or correct action… He didn’t
leave anything in writing  so, we understand his thoughts through his greatest student, PLATO
Symposium is too long and hard to read… Just know that many people take turns speaking,
order is:
Phaedrus, Pausanias, Euryximachus, Aristophanes, Agathon, Socrates (about what
DIotima says), Alcibades…
It is a friendly contents, where everyone try’s to give the best speech. Each speech takes what
the previous speech has and adds on to it
Socrates speaks after Agathon (and all the other speakers)
Socrates begins with “Socratic Dialogue” (also known as dialectic or elenchus) which is
basically “posing a series of questions designed to draw out a working definition of love
(or the subject)”
“Socratic Irony” = starting off looking like the least knowledgeable. Questioning other
speakers to “enlighten” him with their wisdom. By the end of his speech, it is clear he is
the most knowledgeable on the subject…
1. Love is relational: It has an object that it is direct at
oOther speakers defined love as “something” (beauty, tenderness, harmony)
Love is NOT something. We HAVE love for something / of something…
2. Love CAN’T BE beautiful or good because love DESIRES beauty and good (what it
doesn’t possess)
oYou CANNOT desire what you already have…. (explains above point)
oTherefore, Love desires beauty and good because it isn’t beautiful or good…
Socrates explains that he asked Diotima of Mantineia (wisdom prophetess) about this…
oDiotima explains that love is NOT beautiful/good, and is NOT ugly/evil…
oLove represents something in between…

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CPHL606 Module 12Page1MODULE 1thPhilosophical tradition began in ancient Greece6 century BCEgroup of thinkersPresocraticsPhilosophiaancient Greek wordmeans lover of wisdomSocratesancient philosopherethics and what constitutes good or correct action He didnt leave anything in writingso we understand his thoughts through his greatest student PLATOSymposium is too long and hard to read Just know that many people take turns speaking order isPhaedrus Pausanias Euryximachus Aristophanes Agathon Socrates about what DIotima says AlcibadesIt is a friendly contents where everyone trys to give the best speech Each speech takes what the previous speech has and adds on to itMODULE 2Socrates speaks after Agathon and all the other speakersSocrates begins with Socratic Dialogue also known as dialectic or elenchus which is basically posing a series of quest
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