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MPS 301

German & Russian Photography 1910-1930 – Politically driven photography Berlin Dadaist movement Determined in creating an unstable word against the bourgeois -View from the trench war and views from before and after Wanted to make fun of the bourgeois culture and capitalism and the things that they held precious Berlin were the most politically engaged Rhahul Haussmann and Hannah Hoch Rahul H. was an anarchist, free thinker, designer and photographer and college maker Haussmann Tatman at home – small college 18x12 To have an idea for an image and the images that can express it at two different things - I prefer to portray a man who has nothing in his mind except for machines - He must also think of large machinery - This man would also like to travel - Something was needed at the right of an image therefore it was added the dummy and the internal organs of a person - This is an important piece due to the association and the ideas behind it in Dadaist movement - It was approached as creating an aesthetic object not just a statement piece in chaos Was interested in the sounds and images - ABDC portrait of the artist - A self portrait Dada in daily life - Or dada cina These are more anarchistic look than a politically motivated Hannah Hoch was associated with Haussmann due to their extended affair - she was not allowed to go to school because her family wanted her to look after her younger siblings - The war destabilized her as a person as well as her sense of security Made a living for working for a news paper and creating sewing patterns She was well known for her work however, went into obscurity and then was later revived in 1960’s Hannah Hoch Cut with the kitchens knife the last ….. 3 Feet by three feet Was shown in the first Dada exhibition is in the national gallery in Germany Political college espousing a political view - 4 section - upper right anti dada - lower right dada world - upper left activities of the dada world - centre is the has a dancer that is an animation of the entire work the role of the women In creating movement and change in the world - “the world is the world of capitalism” - Veiled critic of the present - The work had to be visual due to the fact that they felt as thought they would be arrested if they stated their opinions in words Hannah’s scrapbook has many images of women - her work seems to be a look at women and the role that they play in society - contextualizing the modern woman Imagined anthropological museum and the types of work that would be seen there Marlene Dietrich – homage to the cult of celebrity Hannah Hoch Rahul Haussman – Dada Rules Self Portrait College of Hartfelt Dada exhibition, Hart, Hoch and Haussmann Hartsfield after his parents disappeared and was raised in foster care Was conscripted in the first world was and then gets out of military service by pretending to be mad and spends the rest of the year by delivering mail and throws the mail in to garbage - Joins the communist parts and remains a communist for the rest of his life - Makes his living as a typographer and designs spreads and covers for magazines His most famous for are a serious of covers designs and double page spreads 1935- 38 Magazine – AIZ – Communist magazine -Not a photography and many times commissioned people to shot for him - a mighty fortress is our Geneva It is a critic against the political situation where there are attempts at piece however, they areal encouraged by the steel and ammunitions industries Hitler was one of the largest targ
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