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th History of Photography January 11 , 2011 France and England 1910-1940 Agenda Small camera aesthetic – 35mm Large Format straight photography – 4x5 & 8x10 Social documentary photography Surrealism! In France (Buahahaha) Man Ray Andre Cortez Born in 1894 Budapest One of the first photographers to use the Lieca camera Blind Fiddler – 1912 - Made with small glass plate camera - Plate must be changed for every shot Small camera lead to the snap shot aesthetic due to the convenience of carrying such a small camera - The picture has a triangular composition Andre Cortez Lovers before WW1 Soldier leaving his family - These images show the decisive moments - The image of the soldier seems to be about the relationship of the husband leaving his wife and the distress of the child in her arms Left behind any of his negative and did not print them till the 1960-70‟s Largely associated with the Lieca camera Many of his images involve a narrative Image to the right interested the surrealist due to the juxtaposition of the train above the man carrying the package within the street Right, Satiric Dancer 1933 – was hired by a „girly magazine‟ - Photographed a naked female with a circus mirror - 8 negatives/6 images were produced - Cortez appears in only one image Cortez was also part of the „new photography‟ movement - pictures that view the mundane at different and more drastic angles (ritichanko angles) - Lois a town is photographed from a birds eye view Cortez moves from hungry to Paris in 1945? Has successful career working for a magazine and published many books Invited to US in 1937 to work for a magazine - Complications with the war meant that he could not move back to Paris - Spends the rest of his life in the US Many US editors believe that his images are too visually complex to be viewed within their magazines Right image – Little cloud - Depicts a small fragile little cloud next to a taller structures building with many windows While he was working as a photographer, he would never let anyone take a photo of his because he wished to remain anonymous Images in a Bull Ring in Spain Around the edge where the bulls are held there is a man at the door deciding about the bull and the fight Carte Bression Behind the Gare at St. Lazare - Greatly depict a photo of a decisive moment - The figure is caught mid-moment between jumping and landing in the puddle believed that the shape of the 35mm negative was perfect and one in which he must work within - the Gare at St.Lazare is one of the few moments in which Andre has admitted to cropping an image When he had started working as a photo journalist 40-60‟s He stated that he was always looking for the peak moment in a situation - The resolution or the climax of a situation Carte Bresson - Metis drawing doves - The doves are allowed to fly freely around his apartment Much of his work has become so well known it is now simply accommodated itself with French culture Paris de Nuit - Versailles “If I look back over my photographs I was always reporting, but reporting in depth” About the city and about the city at night My life about Paris at night is a social inquires about the margins of society He photographed cleaners, prostitutes (with pimps or clients) - Photographs people in relationship to what the they do and how they fee
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