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History of Photography March 1 , 2011 Up until this point in photography people were emulating older art and photographs within their work - during this time….with the increase of photography painting moved from being representational to being completely abstract Robert Rauschenberg Andy Warhol Collapse of the separation of photography and art Robert Rauschenberg - a performance artist - Spring training was a performance of him which changed within the context of its term - 3 times given, chris brown and son, 3 performers, him - 1 bucket, dry ice, wicket trunk, desert turtles, flashlights, diaper, NYC telephone, 3 wedding dress and tuxedo - His art was to fill a gap between life and art - Will invole in different ways real life by the incorporation of objects into art - Painting called bed – he took his bed sheets and pillows and painted over them to create an object with the elements of his bed and the elements ofa painting thrown across the object - It was then mounted onto a board vertically 6ft by 3.5ft - This was shocking to people because it was either inappropriate materials or inappropriate subject matter - Combined objects, then photographed at different angles or displayed at different angle to increase its 3 dimensionality - Obelisk was what the object was called with is supposed to be a sensuous representation - Created 2 objects one about his male side and one about his female side (of his person and sexuality) - Combines can also be flat images - Rebus – 3 vertical panels 8ft tall and 10 ft across - Part of a series on pedestrians views of the city and the way you are assaulted by different kinds of information - 2 Different pieces always shown together….factum 1 and factum 2 - The are made to resemble each other however, they are slightly different - 2 silk screens produced in the 1960’s - Left is whole image - Right is Radioactive 1 - Radioactive one includes a a picture of Robert Kennedy Andy Warhol - Picture of Andy Warhol in The Factory ( his studio) - Working on silk screens with photographic images - Soup Cans and Brillo Pad boxes - Presented in neutral way with no aesthetic intervention - Are they meant to say some thing of record American culture - In the 1962 he used source material like Rauschenberg - Photos of Jackie Kennedy and during his funeral - Left images are shown with notes from Warhol - Made a number of images of Marilyn Monroe after her death - His interest was the cult of celebrity and the interest set in the repetition of the portraits - Responded to contemporary events - Used Charles Moore’s photographs and used them within his pieces such and as the Red Race Riot - All of the photos in red race riot where used in the same issue of Life Magazine - Also used images of electric chairs ( which stopped being in use after 1963) - The image is called the Lavender disaster - Orange Crash 10 times 1963 - Used with context of Sontag and the numbing affect of seeing an image numerous times Chuck K - On the right hand side if the original photograph and on the left hand side is the painting - This was done in the past because items could be changed about the person however, this would seem to degrade the painters ability - Was trained as an abstract painter - Eventually realized that the mark that he was making was not his and that he wished to change so that his would truly be his own - Wanted to make a painting that would eliminate the painterly aesthetic - 4ft tall and 8ft wide, a photograph would be taken and then the painting woul be made from shoulders to top of head - Uses grid and air brushing to complete portrait and stay objective - Made f
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