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Lee Friedlander - Most famous photographer in the 20 century - One of the greatest stylists for photography - He was also a famous curator and responsible for many great historical projects - Completely different from his style of photography The Photographers Eye - Originally a show in 1966 then produced as a book catalog - Photographers learn much from their tools and much from other photographers - Whether commercial or artistic he is influenced by the works that have impressed themselves upon them - Photography was born whole and showed what photography is ad what it can and cannot do - Photography is always confused about what it represents Photographers must look into the world and choose what to select from it and the detail of which would symbolize the whole - Photographers must choose how to frame the issue and how to deal with time - Must capture the right moment - Must choose from which vantage point to make the photograph Looking at Photographs - A moving account of photography - Selected 100 photos chronologically order from the Museum of Modern photography - The simplicity of photography lies in the fact it is easy to make a photograph - The complexity of photography is that there are many different way to create a photograph Felt that photographs were a failure to tell stories however, say what the feeling would be like to be in that situation ( perspective not story) Photographs can be ways to explain things that we do not know - such new meanings may deal with issues such as the age of stone and the freshness of light - marginal differences in prints may lead to a different meaning within a print Friedlander explains what you are looking at with an empty store window with a reflection of a city and a double reflection of the photographer the second over the heart of the photographer We having seen
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