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History of Photography March 22, 2011 Shift of the intention of photography Shift from print to gallery Shift from photographer doing all of the work to being a director Thomas Russ Went to Düsseldorf School for art Was a student of the Becker’s 1979 – 83 subject chose the background of which they wish to be shown 1986 began to use neutral backgrounds of frontal views - Always of friends of his mainly from the art world - All portraits untitled portrait Originally printed in 8x10 now printed much larger All done in editions 3-5 with 3 artists proofs “I take photos of people the same way I would take photos of a plaster cast” Despite Avedon’s attempt to limit the area of visible self-expression of his models he is greatly outweighed by Russ Despite the fact that his portraits are his most famous work he collected photographs from news paper and then reshot the images and made colour prints from them - Made 400 of them - Exhibits them in a diagonally from in a grid installation Always display 1989-1992 astronomy Worked on large plate glass negative which he borrowed - He cropped and printed these negatives and they are therefore called the star series - Not made by him but, appropriate Became interested in the Internet and then edited and remade them - Generally pornographic images His work is not about his reaction toward society But, a reaction towards photography and what types of images are made and looked at Reiner Diestrum/Dexter 1959 - Always worked as a portrait photographer - 1990 her hip was broken by a car which lead to her swimming - She then made portraits of people at the beach and swimming - Then commissioned by the government of Holland to make pictures of people on vaction 40inx30, identified by where rather than who, made with 4x5 camera and lights Sitters were chosen because of characteristics - Left – Hilton head, south Carolina - Right – Poland - Coney Island - Belgium Also derived from the Becker’s but, she did not study with them This is a study of girls/boys and how they stand, dress, act, and look 1993-1995 Done occasionally of pairs of boys - Hilton head Fashion and how people pose and were the look appears around the world Work can be related to gender and posing - Exploration of how individual’s ideas of self are constructed Dexter Has followed some subject through the years and re-photographed them - Little girl on ch
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