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History of Photography January 18 , 2011 Transitional switch back to the US Adams has become on of the most famous photographers in the US - Fast track and became a famous pianist Adams sees Paul Strands straight photography negatives in the 1930 and begins to change his work from soft focus to sharp work - Abandons piano in late 1920’s to take up photography full time - Many of the areas in which Adams has photographed have become nation parks to be preserved - Also, took part in creating the zone system Mid 1930’s the subject’s matter of his photographs becomes the moment before a natural event occurs - Such as the sun breaking through the clouds The pictures in which a specific subject is given are comparative to those of Weston’s subject matter Two of his famous pictures - there is a distance being established with the print that invite you to look at them but, not move into them Minor White From minasota -1930 started photography and studied in New York City - Curated in the museum of modern art - 1960 worked for San Fran school of modern art – worked with Adams and was introduced to Stieglitz and Weston Developed his own version of the zone system The song without words – 1948 - 16 photographs - put together a new on in 1968 including only 12 photographs - So like you that these images have become so that they have an excerpt reality He was gay and took many pictures that he never publish that displayed his oppressed sexuality He sees the in needs of the artist being fulfilled because they dipict the artists inner state - the three thirds An image of life – the moment you’re born and the moment you die represents 2/3 of life and sees the bond between the states of the house The sound of one hand clapping - a thought that he had thought about for a while and is said to have seen the sound of one hand clapping and thusly created a series about this feeling - Each artist at one point one time walks on water 2 of his last photographs - the beginnings and the burning bush Harry Callahan - Born in Detroit and self educated - 1946 was hired by Moholy Nagy Was also influenced by Adams - Naturalistic image of tall grass - 1958 How can you make a picture of something that is completely full? - Can this work successfully - Also made pictures of his wife and his daughter - deriving from family snap shot to actual life - daughter at beach - Family in Chicago Described as pure photography and the way that the camera sees - pure visuality - stupendous images and fully resulted Herny cartier bresson Stays for 1 year in US Wants to do a 1 year retrospective Daught
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