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Nan Golden American born in 1953, brought up in a wealthy boston family - Her older sister committed suicide at 16 when Nan was 14 - She then left her family and was raised in foster care - She later found her way into art school She liked the snap shot tradition - She took photos of her friends - She was rooming with transvestites as well as other members of the gay community - She then moved to Greenwich village and started photographing photos of drugs use - She worked in the 1970 and 80s to show her work in bars and in the community of which she was involved - She would show her work in slide shows - She had 75 slides and would show them in 45 minutes - She made this work for the community in which she lived and the community that was involved 1986 she had risen in prominence that she began to standardize her exhibitions to a certain sequence of slides 1986 125 photos from this group was printed by Aperture - The difference of this was that the work was then produced for everyone and not just the community - The book is broken in to chapters, women and men alone, couples, children - Most f the subjects that were photographed were done so over the span of this lives - The pictures were not generally constructed - “Diary that I will let people read” is the way that Nan describes her work The Ballad of Sexual Dependency - Why people form couples? - The book surrounds the images of Nan and Brian beaten up - Shows pictures of people masturbating - Shows romantic pictures of love - The final two images are of couples without the involvement of people The cultural wart - the term we’re by the government got
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