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PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

Highlights on TEST!!!! Citations in report AIP style. (AMERICAN INSTITUTE OF PHYSICS STYLE) String theory Electromagnetic properties Wavelength  colour 1 nanometer = 1nm = 1m = 1x10 m = 10 m 1 x 10-9 9 -9 -7 Ά red00nm = 700 x 10 m = 7 x 10 m Ά violet400nm = 400 x 10 m = 4 x 10 m -4 Ά green 700+400 /2 = 550nm Visible colours: ROY G BIV Photons: bundles of energy  light as a particle Whitelights consist of all colours of the rainbow. But human brains cannot see them so we see white. When white light passes through a prism the colours are visible separately Ultraviolet, Xrays and gamma rays are the short wavelengths and are dangerous Frequency Frequency = f = number of wave peaks passing a given point each second. = number of waves/second = complete cycles/second = cycles/s Unit = Hz, hertz. Electricity is 120 cycles per second or 120Hz Frequency = speed of light / wavelength ( c/Ά) 8 -9 Fred= 3 x 10 m/s / 700 x 10 m. Use exponential button in calculator. Try violet, green for HW. PLANCK CURVE Get star in telescope. Sequence of coloured filters at eyepiece end of telescope Plank curve Intensity Photons/second PEAK = 550nm V I B G Y O R PLANK CURVE is a graph of filter colour Calculate temperature of a object via WIEN Formula: T = (0.0029 m.K) / Ά dom -9 WIEN FORUMLA CALCULATION: T = (0.0029 m.K) / 550 x 10 m T = 5272.7 ~ 5300K Surface temperature of the sun is ~ 5800K Absolute zero = -273 celcius. It is when ENERGY OF LIGHT Formula for energy: E = hf. f= frequency h = Planks of constant E = energy in joules Ered(6.625 x 10 j.s) (4.3 x 10 cycles/s) Ered= 2.85 x 10 J9 Note: shorter wavelengths  higher frequencies and energies. As wavelength goes down. Frequency and Energy go UP. THE BOHR MODEL OF THE HYDROGEN ATOM Proton
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