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Ryerson University
PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

PCS 181 - Class 1 Introduction to Astronomy Notes: The Scientific Method - Observation - Hypothesis- estimated guess. Little irish people paint the grass green - Experiment – sitting and watching for irish fairies - Conclusion – grass is green because of the energy transforming - Reproducibility ……..and is falsifiable……. Unit 1: the electromagnetic Spectrum Astronomical information is transmitted by light they emit. Starlight Starlight- the star’s temperature, Chemical composition, Motion, Pressure, Magnetic fields, etc. Lamda – Wavelength – The EM Spectrum Light: mutually perpendicular oscillating electric and magnetic fields Light: moves in wavelike pattern at a speed of c=3*10 m/s. = 300000000 3exp8, 3exp-8 Relativity Einstein’s theory - no object with mass can move at speed of light - Only light goes to speed of light Tachyon – particles that moves faster than light (hasn’t been discovered) Cem: neutrinos research topic C= speed of light Wavelength, lamda sign: distance between peaks of wave Techyon – theoretical faster than light particles Electromagnetic properties Wavelength – color 1 nanometer = 1nm = m = 1*10 m = 10 m -9 -9 -7 Lamda red = 700nm=700*10 m=7*10 m (know this) -9 -7 Lamda violet = 400nm = 400*10 m = 4*10 m(know this) Visible colours: ROY G BIV Photons: bundles of energy- light as particle When u join a bunch of colours the light is white. Red=700 nm wavelength Violet = 400nm wavelength Yellow/green= 550nm wavelength Short wave length – gamma rays – X rays- ultraviolet (hazardous White light VIBGYOR in middle Long wave lengths- infrared, radio waves Shortest to longest – gamma to radio waves Humans detect radio waves as heat Frequency Fre
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