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Lecture 11

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PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

Searching for a Black Hole:  They emit NO light, so we can’t see a Black Hole directly.  We seek a Stellar Black Hole in a binary system consisting of a visible Giant star and an invisible and an invisible companion. (=BH Candidate). The Search:  We seek a Giant Star that “wobbles” in its orbit.  The Companion causing the “wobble” must be invisible.  The invisible Companion must have a mass >~3M o.  The system must be emitting x-rays (from a surrounding Accretion Disk). Cygnus X I:  Best Stellar Black Hole Candidate.  We can see a visible supergiant star of ~30M o.  The Supergiant Star is “wobbling” under the influence of an invisible Companion.  The System is emitting x-rays.  Mass of the invisible companion is ~9.5M o.  Recall that a Black Hole singula
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