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Lecture 10

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Margaret Buckby

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Pulsation ExplanationA neutron Star NS is the compacted core of a star that had a magnetic fieldThe neutron Star has Strong magnetic field which directs charged particles to the North or South magnetic polesThe particles continuing strike the surface of the NS creating polar hot spotsThese hot spots radiate over a wide range of wavelengths visible and invisibleIf the NS is properly oriented with respect to Earth we detect the beams of radiation emitted by the hot spots as the NS rotates on its axisThis is the Lighthouse EffectIf we detect these pulses we call the object a pulsarHowever a pulsar is a neutron starBUT every neutron star is NOT a pulsar Typical Neutron StarMass range 14 MM3M oNSo Size 20 to 100 km across about the size of a city 173183 Density is similar to that of an atomic nucleus 10 kgm to 10kgm 6 Temperature 10 x 10 k on surfacePeriod01 to 4sWe know of 500 pulsars Supernova 1987ADiscoveredreported from Chile by Ian Shelton an observer from the University of TorontoSN1987A occurred in the Large Magellanic cloud an irregular galaxy near out own at 170000 ly distanceThe progenitor star was a blue giant star SanduleakHuge neutrino bursts were detected by Earthbased equipment This particular SN event has been studied from the actual explosion to the present day Death of very Massive StarsThese are25 M o 5 of Stars are 4M o Star undergoes several Red Giant phases producing everheavier elements in the coreWhen star has an iron core it explodes in a Supernova eventBUTIf the collapsed core is 3 M it cannot resist the pull of gravity and collapses to a oBlack Hole Singularity Black Hole
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