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PCS 181 PCS 181 Thursday, January-17-13 Class 2 1 nanometer(nm) = 1m/1*10^9 = 1*10^-9 =10^-9m Red light = 700nm = 700*10^-9m = 7*10^-7 Violet light = 400nm = 400*10^-9 = 4*10^-7  Photons: bundles of energy-light as a particle  Young’s experiment: light is a wave  Photoelectric effect: light is a particle  Wave-particle duality: all particles exhibit both wave and particle properties White light through a prism comes out as a spectrum  Visible light is between 700nm and 400nm (in infrared and ultraviolet )  Infrared and radio waves are longer  Ultraviolet, x-rays and gamma rays are shorter (and more dangerous) Frequency  Frequency = F  λ = wavelength  F = c/λ  Wavelengths per second  Wave peaks passing a given point each second  Number of waves per second  Complete cycles per second  Cycles per second  Hertz = Hz Ex: F(red) = (3*10^8m/s)/(700*10^-9m) = 4.3*10^14 =4.3*10^14Hz Page 1 PCS 181 Plank Curve  The Plank Curve is a graph of filter colour (wavelength) versus intensity  It is used in order to find the dominant wavelength   Calculate temperature via WIEN formula (0.0029 is a constant and λdom is the dominant wavelength in nm)  T= (0.0029m.k)/ λdom  K = kelvin  Kelvin starts at absolute zero (-273C) where atoms stop vibrating  Ex: T = (0.0029m.k)/(550*10^-9m) = 5272.7 (round to 5300) Energy of Light  E=hf  h = plank’s constant  f = frequency  Ex: E(red) = (6.625*10^-34J/S)*(4.3*10^14cycles/s) =2.85*10^-19 **the shorter the wave length the higher the frequencies and energies
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