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PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

PCS 181 PCS 181 Thursday, January-31-13 Class 6  The inflation process is never ending and other big bangs arise from the infinite vacuum to produce other universes  Similar to a froth of bubbles  The multiverse is the set of all universes Unit 3 Galaxies  Recall the COBE satellite which confirmed that the universal temp of space CMB – 3K (2.728K)  COBE was tasked to seek very small temp variations in the CMB  COBE found TINY temp deviations of ±0.0003K  COBE temp data pic: Galaxy Formation 1  Pink regions = +0.0003K  Blue regions = -0.0003K  Galaxy theorists hypothesize that galaxies condensed of the interface b/w warmer and cooler volumes of space  WMAP satellite temperature data Page 1 PCS 181 Galaxy Formation 2  The first stars formed after the big bang were extremely massive due to condensed particles (not a lot of expansion at the time) that were hundreds of times the mass of our sun  These stars only lived a few million years and exploded as supernovae, leaving black holes as remnants  These massive black holes attracted gas/dust into orbit  Over time, more matter was attracted until a galactic mass was present  Massive black hoses are found at the centres of most galaxies  “mass of the central black hole dictate the size of the galaxy but recent discovery questions this” Properties of Galaxies  A galaxy is a gravitationally-based collection of stars, gas, dust and radiation  Galaxies range from thousands to hundreds of thousands of light years across  Galaxies contain from thousands to trillions of stars  Galaxies usually gather into groups  The Milky Way, our
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