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Lecture 1

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PCS 181
Margaret Buckby

The Scientific Method y Observation y Hypothesis y Experiment y Conclusion y Reproducibility Unit 1 The electromagnetic spectrum y Abbreviated by EM y Astronomical information is transmitted by starlight y The starlight tells us the stars temperature the chemical composition motion pressure magnetic fields what is present on the star etcy Photoelectric effectlight will behave as a particle y Double slit experimentlight will behave as a wave y Light is said to have wave plus particle duality y Wavelength is shown as lambday EM Spectrum o Light mutually perpendicular oscillating electric and magnetic fields o Light moves in wavelike pattern at a speed of c3 x 108 ms o No object that has mass can move at the speed of lightAs speed increases mass increasesMoving at the speed of light would have infinite massTachyons move faster than the speed of lightLower case c default meaning is speed of light o Wavelength is the d
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