POL 128 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Attention Span, Mission To Moscow

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POL128 October 1st, 2015
Brooks Filters
1. Economic
a. Whether the media is privately or publicly owned
b. Television networks are now owned by huge corporations = private
c. Public media is informative and used to educate
d. Funded by government in order to keep running because it does not generate a profit
2. Legal/ Regulatory
a. Gov’ts used to ban movies they found too explicit
b. Now use Film Review Boards to watch movies and label it as too explicit or etc.
c. The board rates the movie
d. Film review boards vary
e. National board of review of U.S. review all films made in the U.S.
f. Strictest rating is NC17 – too much sex and violence – under 18 is not allowed
g. Theatres in small towns will refuse to show the films with this rating
h. Directors may or may not change the film
i. NC17 movies generate less profit than movies that are not NC17
j. Media in America is regulated by FCC, operates similarly to CRTC
k. Gov’t in Canada has film agency, National Film Board, primary purpose is to make
Canadian documentaries
3. Technological
a. Available tech determines what kind of media is produced
b. Films of today are very different compared to films of 30-40 years ago
c. Screens are bigger
d. Vivid colours
e. Sound is completely different – elaborate sound systems
f. A lot louder than what they used to be
g. More animated, faster in terms of visual movement
h. Creates impression of what a movie is supposed to look like
find more resources at oneclass.com
find more resources at oneclass.com
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