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Lecture 3

POL 607 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Mutual Assured Destruction, Warsaw Pact, Cuban Missile Crisis

Politics and Public Administration
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POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

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1900 1945 -> Multipolar System
1945 1990 -> Bi-polar System (aka Cold War)
WWII destroyed all the major players
o German was devastated economically and militarily so was Japan
o During WWII, Americans & Russians were allies, both banded together to fight
against Nazi Germany
American believed they defeated the Germans but reality was Russians
were the one who defeated
o Allies became mortal enemies
There was a conference in 1944 to figure out what the political future of
Europe will be after WWII is over
In eastern Europe, countries were occupied by the Red Army (Soviet
Union) and acquired the countries with communist power
Americans saw that as an expansion of Soviet Union, saw it as a
Containment was a policy instituted by the Americans designed to
contain the growth of the Soviet Army
The reason it was called Cold War because Soviet Union & Americans never really
fought a war with each other
o They fought war at other countries like at Vietnam
Arms Race
o Americans developed nuclear weapons during WWII
o Japan didn’t have the technology to keep up with the Americans
o Russians built an atomic bomb and Americans felt they are behind, they built
another bomb and Russians built another one to overcome Americans
They kept on building and building and it became to thousands of nuclear
o Deterrence means that if you have enough weapons then you have enough fire
power that should deter your enemy from attacking you
o Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD) is when countries keep on building
weapons to become more powerful & destroy each other even when there are
constraints on money
NATO (American) vs. Warsaw Pact (Soviet Union)
Competed for 3rd world countries
They would give money, military assistance to persuade those 3rd
world countries into joining them
o Spying & Propaganda
CIA was created to analyze what’s happening around the world and
provide those information to the American government
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