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POL 607 Lecture Notes - Boogie 2Nite, Ultimate Power

Politics and Public Administration
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POL 607
Joseph Zboralski

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Politics can be seen as a decision making mechanism for society
Politics is the master science
Everything in society and human life is governed by politics
Politics can be seen as a system for conflict resolution
Authoritative Allocation of Values
Values in the sense of things
o Things like wealth, health, status
All human beings want this things
o Wealthy people paying less taxes and corporations paying no taxes at all, all of
this are allowed by politics
o Average Americans have not seen an increase in their income for the last 25 years
is a result of political choices
o Wealth is allocated by political decisions
If big corporate leaders call the PM, he surely will pick up and answer the
call however if regular citizens make that call, it will not be possible to
reach the PM
Corporations does not want government to do something that will
hurt their companies
o Authoritative means it’s done by legislative institutions like government
Just society
Philosophers always argued what is the best kind of society
Some writers believe just society is a society where people can live freely and have
freedom to say anything, criticize government
Some believe just society has equality, there is no difference between rich and poor, no
people on the streets begging for money
For Harper, just society it is about economic freedom, freedom for companies to perform
o He would like to see private society play a greater role and govt play a smaller
Power is the politics like money is the economics
o It is like the currency for politics
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