Class 4 Globalization & Life and Debt Notes

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Politics and Public Administration
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POG 100
Joerg Wittenbrinck

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POG Class# 4 Notes Essay Outline : General discussion of what you are going to be talking about Evaluate what sources you are going to be using First idea about how you are going to structure your argument and what your thesis is going to be Bibliography (3 sources) and to give a couple sentences for each sources that says “this is the kind of source it is and is written by as well as being predominantly a discussion of _____ and I think it will be useful for this part of the essay”  annotated bibliography INCLUDE ONLY FOR OUTLINE NOT FINAL PAPER  start off essay with “this research paper will discuss….”  state a school of literature or persons viewpoint on the topic you’ve chosen  paraphrase over quoting  don’t make headings just support your arguments with the thesis that you state in the first sentence  no abstract  in thesis, start off with specific points not general Study Guide Notes What we talked about in class Basic ideas in all the required readings plus the film assigned (focus on textbook chapter “international development” as well as the last two lectures while watching the movie How do we build a “we” when Aboriginal peoples do not find themselves to be a part of the Canadian community even though they are socially and economically dependent on the Canadian state? Imagined community: concept of something that is socially constructed by people not actually real. Nations tend to be very large in size that the members of the community do not know each other but they have a sense of belonging to this group in which the vast majority of the people they do not know Life and Debt 1972-1980 coincided with the oil crisis, which put enormous pressure on Jamaica Michael Menley came in Social reformer which means he took rich land away from owners and redistributed it to farm owners Why is Jamaica not China? 1. Size matters: puts China in position can make a better economy internally without having to trade as much if it does not want to 2. History of colonization: Jamaica wouldn’t look the way it does today if it wasn’t for colonization but so does China (English people in Jamaica) 3. Economic development during 1960-70: Political and social rules (structural adjustment) where attaching conditions to the large loans that made Jamaica in debt (of $50 billion) made their agricultural and political systems collapse. Macroeconomics (looking at the general economy): policy paradigm. Country that donates the money for development and their interests are most important (politically) so throughout history of development, considerations on where countries fit in during the Cold War was way more important than how the democratic country treated their people. China was completely closed until 1980s to globalized trade and were not affected by the oil crises in 1970s but Jamaica were dependant on oil imports and were wrecked. 4. Democracy: if we have a democratic system, you have a fairly regular rounds the government being held accountable whether the country is going in the right direction. Planning a good well organized land reform is better than one that takes a shorter term solution. The Chinese do not have to worry about this because they will not be part of a democratic community anytime soon
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