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Politics and Public Administration
POG 100
Joerg Wittenbrinck

POG Class 6 Notes Democracy and Democratization Pictures Slide - Singular act of voting of the governing in the country. It is a crude act (transferring will of people into government institutions) because choices are very limited because we only have a couple choices and have to vote either yes or no for a group that we like. We cannot say, “I like what they did there but I don’t like what they did there” - developed formal processes of interaction beyond elections and have an open system to try to influence the government on their own initiative -China is not a democratic country but have installed elections at the local levels in communities in suburban and rural area because they see the implications first hand of the elected groups actions and can vote against them but this will not spread democracy in dictatorship China -just because we have elections does not mean we have democracy; is often times the outcome of different forms of transitions such as revolutionary struggles and has to be fought for - if there is a broad constitutional consensus (create political and lawful pathways for the country), there will be a broad general consensus amongst the society and support the ideas and policies that the constitution is making - One group of civilians say “we should go out and vote” , young adults (under 25) are the least likely to participate in voting, and then other civilian group says voting constrains progress in social change and produces constrains on development on equality and believe that the political discourse are really skewed; prevents larger change from happening ie) “voting could change anything, it would be illegal” - Charles Taylor: there’s a tendency within liberal democracies where if people are not engaged social inequality will creep into the political system and social inequalities will increase in terms of the policies made and citizens need to reimagine and reinvent democracy. Democracy - Definition has been dependent upon historical concepts - Was not talked about since 1800’s but since industrial revolution we have seen competing visions of what is democracy. th Competing visions of what constitutes “true” democracy since 18 century - Marxists believe that power derives from the decisions and freedom and privatization of housing was a form of perversions for the democratic system - access to means of production is democracy and sovereignty is what Marxist believed - Less on specific directions and more access to means of production (factories, places of employment) are part for the state is key to creating democracy according to Marxist - people in developing world were advocating the visions what constitutes democracy and formal process of democracy was set up but was very quickly reverted back to a form of authoritarianism. They said that it was democracy because, even though they were dictators, the rulers came from their own country and were not ruled by colonization anymore. Popular sovereignty: ruled by the people Liberal Democracy: 2 Dimensions Democracy democratic: source of governance comes from citizens and population; ruled by the people autocratic: political systems recruits itself, not subject to inputs from general citizen groups ie) Chinese government; ruled by itself Liberalism Libertarian: what is relationship between individual and the larger state representing it? The individual counts for a lot and state has severe restrictions on what it can do and what’s it’s there for (maintain security and monitor borders); they let the people rule themselves Totalitarian: individual does not count for anything except for contribution to the common
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