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Politics and Public Administration
POG 100
Joerg Wittenbrinck

POG100 Week 12 Review Big Picture (concepts) 1. Intro- Politics and C 2. Common Good: Pursuit of power, what is best for the whole community; not clear how we can arrive to understand the common good -Fascism: what is the best for the whole community under the rule of the leader which means any individual who contributes to common good is expendable and does not matter if some people of the community have to die. Not understood as what is good for the people, but for the whole community -Liberalism: Think individuals are just individuals and not part of community and are all social beings and interests, values, perspectives are not created individuals but are embedded in the larger society. The culture we are embedded in is influencing our individual choices 2. Concept of state: organization that has binding abilities over the nation. If the state is a tool that can be used by the people and exercising political equality then it can be a powerful tool to achieve equality. Nationalism is an organizing principle for our world with multicultural countries. 3. Globalization: challenging our national identity. We see culture movements organizing and defending their national identity as well as minority groups build relationships with other minority groups. Has been unequal and changed the economy in advanced industrialised countries ie) Canada and outsourced many of our manufacturing and altered economies of emerging economies (ie) China. It has left out many large countries with large populations who did not benefit from globalization and its resources 4. Politics of development (and globalization) 5. Life and Debt: where you are at economically and where you are in the power structure when industrialization occurred had an important impact on where you are today and your ability for self-sustainability. Jamaica was caught in cycle of debt and had much less of an ability to mobilize its economy to participate in its globalization Democratic state and its interaction with society 7. Liberal democracy: high degree of majority control paired with protection of individual rights and choices; emphasis on individual autonomy and choice and is expressed through rights ie) political rights, civil liberties and property rights
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