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Politics and Public Administration
POG 100
Joerg Wittenbrinck

POG100 Week 8 Democratization - we are reverting towards authoritarianism - transition to democracy - democratic consolidation: the only system in the area Distinguish what is involved in transition: • transitions that involve a change in constitutional system (from authoritarian to democratic system) • legitimacy of state can be based on: - outcomes : we find state legitimate and accept the authority of state to govern us because it is working for everybody - procedure: we all accept decisions made by state and current government because the procedure under which the government had been elected and the procedure was effective Democratic Consolidation - no significant group within society is questioning the right of the government to solve social and political issues - Necessary conditions: • Civil society: individuals and organizations outside the state that have ability to formulate alternatives and put forward discussing social and political issues • Political society: • Rule of Law; nobody is about the law and everybody is subject to the known predictable and partial rules and all state laws need to be based on constitutions • Usable bureaucracy: functioning tax system that can deliver public goods • Economic society: capitalism; in order to have functioning civil society you need power resources outside the state and will not have this if state owns all the means of production and is control of economic sphere of society and is to much of weight on the side of state and will not function Economic growth and inequality, contagion (the countries around that are moving in the same direction as you) Challenges: Multinational States: not established who are people and whether or not should be really multiple countries instead of one and because of this it is very difficult to come to a broad societal consensus where the people feel they have a stake in the society When democracy does not consolidate? - qualified democracies: - competitive authoritarianism element of competition but so strongly constrained that we can’t think of it as competition Systems of Government - semi-presidential
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