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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

Democracy 1) Direct -switz practiced since 13**s -america in early states also practiced this type of democracy -they would gather at town hall and debate/discuss/vote on decisions for the community -forms: referendum – when the ppl of a country, city, province are asked a question by the government and on the basis of answers, the government are obliged to do as the ppl say (i.e. 1980/1995 in quebec when the ppl were asked if they want to separate from the rest of Canada) ~i.e. people of Toronto and area were asked if theyd like to have one big city of Toronto instead of suburbs but the citizens weren’t asked directly yet polls should many opposed initiatives – the people go out and collect names on petitions. After reaching the required number of signatures then the government must take it into consideration during the next election/meeting (i.e. citizens of California made the tax rate decrease but the downfall was the cut of things such as libraries) ~gives the people power even if what they want isn’t necessarily the right thing recall – (not used in Canada) i.e. if you select the wrong representative for your state, the citizens can petition to remove the governor from office and have him/her replaced by another 2) Representative – newer form; first came into being approx. in
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