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Ryerson University
Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

State  Institutions o Collection of Institutions EX: parliament, military, courts police o Monopoly enthuse of force o Takes freedom, property, etc o Large countries fragmented  Force  What makes a state 1. Territory: size doesn’t matter, stuff like location.. have stuff like minerals, oils, nice oxygen. 2. Population 3. Sovereignty – degree of independence a country has, more powerful = more sovereignty Canada has issues with sovereignty. Canada’s sovereignty undermined by: Military Economy Cultural sense Canada only country that has government of its economy controlled by foreign country 4. Government – operation or act of state, government trys to enhance sovereignty Nation Example of a nation would be Quebec  People o group of people with common identity base on ethnicity culture etc  Identity o Rare, history , o Civic identity (based on political intuitions or political values Government Media  Communication: o fundamental human activity o distinguish us from other o became systematic when it became easy to write things now  lasted thousands of years  since ancient Egypt o movie: name of the rose – sean connery  on a historic period o printing on press changed history  print many more books then manual copying  millions books made  most significant tech invented  changed everything Mass Media 1) print (new paper) 2) electronic a. telegraph first electronic media i. before, fastest info could travel as fast as horse could run ii. now instant information transmission b. radio i. wireless telegraph – original name ii. originally developed for WWI iii. popular for many decades c. telephone d. cinema e. television i. first broadcast late 1920’s ii. controversial media 1. primary source for information 2. people believe its
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