Early History of The Flim Industry

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Politics and Public Administration
POL 128
Joseph Zboralski

 Early history of American film history o Rise of cinema o Movies had there origin in photography o Reason called movies because its moving pictures o Interesting photographer Mathew brady  He became famous because he photographed first world war  One of the best documentary film made uses his pictures, called civil war history  Used still photographs for the movie o Motion picture was formed at the time of the industrial revolution o Edward Muybridge (1877)  Given credit for coming up with the first moving picture  Photographed a moving horse, a sequence of pictures of horse running o J. Marey (1880’s)  Invented very first motion camera  Invented First kind of projector  Problem with projector is the moving images was shaky and unclear o William Dickson  Solved the problem of the first project  Came up with the idea of how the film would stay still for the first projector creating clearer image and not shaking  kinetiscope  the very first kinetiscope parlor was opened in America  The films were only 90 seconds or realistic things like a cow walking around o In france the Lumiere brothers  Important figures in early cinema  Developed improved camera/projector  They were able to show it on a much larger screen  Noteable film they did was simply photographing the arriving of a train at a train station, train coming people getting off and on.  First time they saw the train on the screen people got scared ran out of room and stuff o The first movies were side shows things that played in like arcade o By 1900s there were a lot of movies, each one lasted around 20minutes o By 1907 Tomas Addison had contracted with most the movies creators, such as the Lumiere brothers he also hired them to produce films o Addison had a virtue monopoly, revenues were extremely high o Movie went from novels to becoming art films  Influenced by G. Melies, E. Porter  Melies added fantasy to movies  Before he became film maker, he was a magician  Hugos – melies  A trip to the moon – Melies first sci-fi adventurous movie  A lot of his films was shown in America  Most of his ideas were stolen by Americans o Second key figure edwan porter to influence novel to art  Worked for Addison as electrician  His most significant film: the great train robbery  He used multiple locations, over dozen difference scenes for his films  Rather than rough cuts he did fade in/out o Gradually the film business evolved into the studio system  In the early films, the actors in the films got no credit.  Something strange happen, There was a actress that worked for a business anonymously, Florence Laurence.  People started asking who that lady was  She was stolen by another company  Laurance started getting full screen credit, title of movie then her name  Received even more fame as time went  Said to be north Americas first movie star
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